Build, Buy or Partner?

How to grow?  Three options:

  • Build your growth through organic expansion, open new offices, hire new people…
  • Buy your growth through acquisitions, find & purchase firms, integrate, absorb…
  • Partner your way to growth by developing strategic alliances.

The partnership model is the wave of the future.  It is faster, less capital intensive and potentially more beneficial in the short and long term.  So why is it not the preferred model which is taking over the world of business? [Read more…]


Coopetition – please excuse the neologism – is a term created to describe a situation where two or more organizations which would normally be in competition would cooperate with each other in some form or manner.

Coopetition is a key concept for strategic alliance professionals because there are rarely cases where all parties involved in a collaborative process experience an immediate ‘win-win’ situation.  Usually, one or more of the parties feels that his ‘best case’ scenario was not fully realized.  [Read more…]

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