Alliances Progress is a professional services firm specialized in designing and running international alliance partnerships. We are a services company built from the ground up to facilitate new and creative forms of collaboration.

Alliances Progress is a networked organization with an extensive international reach allowing consulting and professional service firms regionally and around the world to sell and deliver projects together, to build shared service offerings and to marshal their expert resources to serve their own clients more powerfully.

Troy J Gautier is the Founder of Alliances Progress.

Troy has been designing and implementing business and technology alliance projects for more than 20 years. He has worked across multiple industries and has led several global change management projects achieving tangible results for clients in the private and public sectors.

Troy is a former partner with one of the major global consulting firms and is a dual national, USA and European Union. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and works internationally.

Alliances Progress expertise includes these projects and services:

  • Strategy Partnership Road Maps & Implementation
  • Strategic Alliances and Member Firm Organizations: Design, Build & Run
  • Alliance & Partner Portfolio Analysis & Optimization
  • Business Transformation & Global Mobilization Programs
  • Public Private Partnerships / New Ways of Working
  • International Change Management Project Design and Roll-Out

Alliances Progress clients are professional services organizations and our added value is the experience and ability to design, structure, and execute all forms of strategic alliances.

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