International Solutions

International Solutions enable small to mid-tier companies to compete in a global economy by establishing strategic alliances to cover markets on every continent. Alliances Progress provides international partnering solutions worldwide.

International Solutions

Value creation service offerings include:

  • Establishing international communities of experts
  • Creating global centers of competence
  • Exchanging best practices across industries and functions
  • Integrating more tightly with your clients and suppliers around the world
  • Re-engineering distribution channels with preferred global vendors

There are many examples of how the global-local model can be leveraged to the immediate benefit of small to mid-sized regional players. The expertise and world class design and facilitation skills we bring to the project turn this nebulous concept into a new operational model to the benefit of all stakeholders

Alliances Progress provides services to:

  • Scan and scope to build your alliance partner portfolio in key markets
  • Carry out due diligence, select and set-up your partnership model
  • Provide sustainable international solutions tailored to your specific situation

International Solutions is an Alliances Progress service offering designed to help small to mid-tier professional services firms compete with the large, global consulting companies.
Being able to call yourself a truly global firm has strong value for the export and import of projects credentials and resources. Being part of an international group through an Alliances Progress framework is a low cost, low risk path to develop and expand your international footprint.

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