Strategic Alliances and Member Firms

Member firm organizations are one form of strategic alliances which are becoming more prominent in the business world.  Member firms are loosely or tightly knit groups of companies which have chosen to come together to promote their common interests and to help each other to grow revenues and capabilities.

If one googles the term ‘member firms’ and toggles a bit, you can find interesting examples and applications of how individual companies are tied together in member firm organizations.  Some member firm organizations are going to market under a single, lead brand whereas others are connected under an endorsed brand.  Some are publicly touted as a single entity (like a corporation or a franchise) and others are happily united as members of a group of independents (like a business club or professional association). [Read more…]

Strategic Alliances and Ecosystems

Ecosystems are an exciting extension of the traditional practice of strategic alliances.

At a recent global summit meeting organized by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), we shared and exchanged the most recent thinking concerning creative partnering solutions.  Strategic alliances, situated on the continuum between organic growth and post-merger integration, have become increasing prevalent over the past two decades. [Read more…]


Coopetition – please excuse the neologism – is a term created to describe a situation where two or more organizations which would normally be in competition would cooperate with each other in some form or manner.

Coopetition is a key concept for strategic alliance professionals because there are rarely cases where all parties involved in a collaborative process experience an immediate ‘win-win’ situation.  Usually, one or more of the parties feels that his ‘best case’ scenario was not fully realized.  [Read more…]

Member Firm Organizations

Member Firm Organizations are a form of strategic alliances, situated on a continuum somewhere between a subsidiary and a purely commercial agreement.  The member firms within the organization have chosen to be part of the group, and have been vetted by the organization as qualified and desirable to the others and to the organization as a whole.

Member Firm Organizations can be very tightly knit, almost like a franchise model, or rather loosely aligned in a network of common interests.  Issues such as sales & marketing, operations and support functions are dealt with in a manner in which there is a common approach or each member firm has its own processes and systems.  [Read more…]

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